The Travel Bug GeoChallenge

Well, the gauntlet has been thrown, and the challenge has been accepted! We’re not about to allow some trash-talkin’, cache bloggin’ photog think, or even dream, that he can beat us at a race! We come from a long line of Travel Bug racers and we’ve got Travel Bug racin’ in our blood!

To bring you up to speed on The Travel Bug GeoChallenge (yes, the pun was intended), we, and a few other Geocaching bloggers, have been challenged by P.J. from over at the HooHaa Blog to a Travel Bug race. The winner of the race (that will be us!) will be determined by which Travel Bug travels the most distance in this year long race.

In addition to ourselves and the L’il HooHaa, Kiss My Cache, Hick@Heart, HeadHardHat, EMC, the Geocats, Gunny’s Cache and late entry TripCyclone have taken up the challenge.

Obviously, we would have enjoyed having a bit of competition but at least we’ll have a few laughs as we watch them eat our dust! And apparently there are a few more that have been challenged but there has been no sign of them yet. We think that they are just too chicken to come forward, especially since they found out we were in the race!

Enuff for now, we’ll keep you posted as the challenge unfolds.

Keep on cachin’!

This post was originally posted on our now defunct website, Geocaching Online

9 replies on “The Travel Bug GeoChallenge“

  • go_man

    What?! You haven’t? LOL! Appears that the L’il HooHaa is AFRAID of you! It’s obvious he’s trying to stack things in his favor, what with the other bloggers he’s challenged. I doubt he thought we would throw our hat in the ring, if he did he wouldn’t have ‘invited’ us either. Methinks it’s time you did a little challenge yourself, let’s see what he’s made of!

  • Hick

    I think you’ve missed one detail that will prove to be fatal to your racer. This race is in miles not kilometers. No fair using your wacky metric system to try and move ahead in the race. I know my bug won’t go anywhere but that won’t stop me from keeping in the trash talking.

  • P.J.

    Oh, don’t worry, gents… the final details are being worked out. I just need to know when everyone has figured out when they got their bugs. Everyone challenged hasn’t responded over my way yet.

    And everyone out there wasn’t challenged. It was basically a bunch of scape goats I knew I could wax! 🙂

  • golfgunny

    Wax? Laugh? Ha! We’ll see who’s laughing in a year.

    Oh, by the way, one of my coins just made a short little 6,500 mile hop over the weekend. Ahhhhh; the joys of caching with military pilots….

  • go_man

    Awww, man, using kilometers was our secret weapon! Dang! Dang! Dang! Mmmmm… plan B… what’s plan B…. do we have a plan B?!!!


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