What Is A Geocache?

What is a Geocache? In Geocaching a Geocache is usually a small container that contains a logbook for registering your find and small items like keychains, toys, Geocoins, trinkets, Travel Bugs, etc.

The small items are referred to as Geoswag and are really of little monetary value since the whole concept behind Geocaching is the fun in the actual hunting for and the finding of the cache.

Geocaches commonly range in size from a military ammo box to a film canister (known as a micro-cache). They can be disguised and camouflaged but they cannot be buried.

Some of the different types of Geocaches include:

Traditional Geocache – the most common type of Geocache

Multiple Geocache – where one Geoccache has the coordinates that will lead you to another Geocache

Virtual Geocache – which are Geocaches, that instead of a container, is usually a landmark or point of interest

Puzzle Geocache –  which are Geocaches where the coordinates must be figured out by some kind of puzzle

Anyone can create and hide a Geocache and all Geocachers are welcomed to search and find them. When you hide a Geocache you post the coordinates on a Geocache listing site for other Geocachers to download to their GPS unit to help them in their search.

How do I know where caches are hidden?
There are several Geocache listing sites, like Geocaching.com available that not only list the caches that are available but allow you to keep track of your Geocache finds as well.

What do I do when I find a cache?
When you find a Geocache you fill out the logbook, take an item of Geoswag, leave an item of Geoswag then hide the Geocache again in the exact location that you found it for the next Geocacher.

If you take an item from the Geocache you must leave something, though you do not have to take anything. If you don’t take anything you don’t have to leave anything.

Once you get home go to your favorite Geocache listing site and log your find online.

Keep on cachin’!

This post was originally posted on our now defunct website, Geocaching Online

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