Geocaching Online!

Welcome to the grand opening of Geocaching Online!

We’re sitting here in the bright sunshine of a cool spring day enjoying the warmth of both the sun and the feeling of a job well done. Although we still have a long way to go to complete this project it makes us happy to be able to present this new website to you.

Geocaching is fast becoming a world-wide hobby and when we recently got involved we found that there was no central database (except Google, of course!) that catered particularly to Geocaching. As we started to amass links in our browser’s Favorites list we quickly realized that we needed a better solution. Hence, the idea for Geocaching Online was born.

We hope that over time, and with your help, we can create a beneficial resource center that will not only include a database of Geocaching related websites but become an informative community that you will be happy to belong.

Please enjoy your time here. Feel free to add some websites that you think should be part of the resource. If you have any questions or suggestions we look forward to hearing them.

Keep on cachin’!

This post was originally posted on our now defunct website, Geocaching Online.

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