Wine Stoppers 2010 – Part 2

Here’s another dozen more wine stoppers that we recently turned… and yes, we’re still having great fun making them!

These are all made in the ‘flame’ style from a variety of woods like the last ones that we made.

These ones are made of Padauk, Pau Amarillo, Walnut Birch, Cherry, Zebrawood, Purpleheart, Red Palm, Pau Rosa, Cocobolo and Shedua.

Here’s some other photos showing a bit closer views:

Accessories for Wine
Wine Accessories
Wine Bottle Stoppers
Bottle Stoppers

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2 replies on “Wine Stoppers 2010 – Part 2

  • Linda

    How do you finish your wine stoppers? I’ve read your articles on finishes, plus a zillion others, and can’t decide. Do you think it is necessary to use a food grade finish? I live in a very warm, humid, rainforest climate, and natural oils seem to encourage mold. I’m thinking that since the wood never actually comes into contact with the wine, food grade is unnecessary. I’d prefer something simple that doesn’t require a lot of steps. Please advise! Mahalo, Linda

  • Woodworker's Guide

    No, I don’t believe that is necessary to use a finish that specifically states “food grade” (read articles regarding by Bob Flexner).

    Stoppers take a lot of abuse since they are handled a lot and sometimes subject to refrigeration. The finish must be very durable.

    Over the years I’ve finished them in a variety of ways. The best way I have found is a CA finish, like what’s done on pens. It is rather fast to apply and very durable. I have also had good results with a spray lacquer.

    Hope this helps.


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