A Bouquet Of Wooden Flowers

Here’s a bouquet of wooden flowers! This month’s meeting of the Nova Woodturner’s Guild featured a presentation by Guild member Stuart Taylor who demonstrated how he creates his works of art that he simply calls ‘wooden flowers’.

Stuart Taylor

Working with a branch of wet wood he deftly created a unique, one-piece turning of a wooden flower. The wet wood allows the turning of the slender stem, along with a lot of skill. 🙂

Here are some photos of his flowers:

A Bouquet Of Wooden Flowers
A Bouquet Of Wooden Flowers

Other members brought in some of their recent work for Show and Tell. Here is a beautiful salad bowl with a ‘chattered’ sidewall:

Wooden Salad Bowl

A couple of candy bowls and a ball. The bowl in the forefront has lace edging on it:

Various Bowls

This is a photo of multiple bowls cut from one piece of wood using a Bowl Saver:

Bowl Saver

It’s great see the work of other local turners, as well as hearing about their stories of what went into creating them.

Don Moore told us of an upcoming woodturning exhibition in June where the object is to promote the craft of woodturning.

Another member brought in two parting tools, one cheap and one of high quality for us to compare. Although similar in style and size the difference was remarkable when each was handled side by side. You could certainly see where quality (and price) makes a big difference.

This was another great meeting and as always, very inspiring!

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