A Spinning Bowl Is Not A Toy!

A spinning bowl is not a toy! I thought I was turning a bowl until it turned into a spin top! And boy, did it spin… right into my face! I was merrily turning a bowl out of cherry when out of nowhere it just shattered and the pieces went flying.

spinning bowl

One piece hit me square in the face and then continued on into the air. Luckily, I was wearing my new, dandy face shield that I told you about last week.

I guess providence has it’s way. I was in the habit of flipping up the old face shield quite often to see because it was so scratched up. Often times I would forget to put it down. With my new face shield there is no need to flip it up. I’m glad I heeded the call and got the new one.

The piece of wood only left a small mark to the side which doesn’t hurt it’s use.

This was another wake up call that you can never take safety for granted. Note to self: Wear the face shield, the face mask, the noise protectors, turn on the dust collector…

Back to the shop…

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