Birch Bowl With Purpleheart Base

I turned a small Birch bowl with Purpleheart base today. The Birch I used was especially striking as it was made out of Curly Birch. To make it a bit different I added a base made out of Purpleheart:

Birch Bowl With Purpleheart Base

Both the Birch and Purpleheart blocks were cut round and then glued together. I also glued on a tenon made of maple but this didn’t work out so well. It broke off while turning and I had to turn a tenon in the Purpleheart which led this layer to be a bit thinner than I planned. However, once completed the base was of a more pleasing size. I guess it knew better than I. 🙂

Here is a view of the inside showing the Purpleheart bottom:

Birch Bowl With Purpleheart Base

Woodturning continues to fascinate me and this bowl allowed me to experiment with two different woods.

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