A Conspiracy? Who? Us? Nawwww!

When we started Geocaching almost a year ago we thought that we were joining a fraternity of peaceful, friendly people. However, we just became aware that this is not so!

We recently visited a fellow Geocacher’s blog, who shall remain nameless, and read that he is attempting to rally other Geocachers against us and fellow Geocacher Hick@Heart, in support of his apparent paranoid conspiracy theories. Already, he has enlisted the aid of PJ and Scott who are right now screaming cries of “Cache War” and “Revenge”.

Somehow (we certainly don’t know where), he has got the crazy idea that we are ‘conspiring against him’ (perish the thought!) and that ‘something is in the wind’. He even makes claim that our travel making skills are, well, let’s just say, questionable. It’s quite obvious that the long Minnesota winter is lending a hand here (did you say shackwhacky?).

Being the type of people we are we would like to clear the air, to calm the waters and confirm that these claims are totally unfounded and unduly hilarious.

We would like to do this as soon as possible so, the one who shall remain nameless, if you are reading this, what we propose is a meeting, a face to face at some neutral location… let’s say… mmm… how about Sacramento in May… if you can make it, that is… 🙂

Keep on cachin’!

This post was originally posted on our now defunct website, Geocaching Online

4 replies on “A Conspiracy? Who? Us? Nawwww!

  • Hick@Heart

    Wow, I just got back from nursing orphan baby dolphins and sea lion pups back to health and I hear about this. I have NO idea how Mr. Tonka_boy (eater of non-dolphin safe tuna) came to such a conclusion. Go_man and I were just thinking about how we could use geocaching to find world peace and now this. Innocent victims, that’s what we are. the gauntlet has been thrown. It’s Sac town or silence Tonka_boy!

  • tonka_boy

    OK! If there’s no conspiracy, how did you get that picture of me talking to Martians on my ham radio? The only person that knew that picture existed was hick@heart!


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