What is an EarthCache?

An EarthCache is similar to a Virtual Cache in the way that there is no traditional cache container or a log book, but because of their purpose they differ greatly.

The purpose of an EarthCache is to share information about a particular geological feature of our planet Earth, and the object is to learn something about it. When you visit an EarthCache, you learn something interesting about the geology of the area. Usually the information is freely given but you have to do a bit of investigative work to answer proposed questions in order to claim the cache.

EarthCaches are created by Geocachers who have knowledge of geoscience and like to share it with the world.

The Geological Society of America administers the listing of EarthCache sites around the world and offers a ‘Masters Program’ where you can receive a pin as a reward for learning more about the Earth. There are four EarthCache Master Program levels:

Bronze EarthCache Master
Visit and log three (3) or more EarthCaches in two (2) or more states/countries.

Silver EarthCache Master
Visit and log six (6) or more EarthCaches in three (3) or more states/countries and have developed one (1) or more EarthCaches.

Gold EarthCache Master
Visit and log twelve (12) or more EarthCaches in four (4) or more states/countries and have developed two (2) or more EarthCaches.

Platinum EarthCache Master
Visit and log twenty (20) or more EarthCaches in five (5) or more states/countries and have developed three (3) or more EarthCaches.

EarthCaches are a great way to find out more about the world around us, get a small reward and have fun while learning! To find out more visit http://www.earthcache.org

Keep on cachin’!

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