Geocoinfest Attended

We had the opportunity to attend a local Geocoinfest yesterday and had a great time!

GeoCoinfest is an international event that is put on to get Geocoin collectors together to meet and trade. The first Geocoinfest was held in Temecula, California with over 400 people attending. Since then it has been taken up in various cities of the world. A quick search on GC showed 24 scheduled events in the US, Canada and New Zealand.

Our local event was attended by more than 50 people and spirits were high. Great conversation and laughter filled the room throughout the course of the afternoon. A silent auction was held that led to quick bidding as closing time drew near. There were also lots of great prizes donated by various sponsors.

Although we didn’t book the event coin in advance we were lucky enough to snag one at the event. We also picked up a coin at the silent auction that was from Acadia National Park, a sentimental coin reminding us of the couple of days we spent caching there this summer.

It’s easy to see why Geocoin collecting can be so addictive. Not only are these coins of high quality and very beautiful to look at they can also have sentimental value as I mentioned above. But more importantly, it is another facet of Geocaching that leads one to get out and meet others, have great conversation, a few laughs and to enjoy a great afternoon!

Keep on cachin’!

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