The Hibernating Cachers Have Woke Up!

Well, it’s confirmed… we’re baaaaaaack from hibernating! We have woken from our long winter’s nap and back on the trails! 🙂

We got out yesterday for our first ‘official’ Geocaching outing this year, and the first one in a long time! Sure, we got out caching with the kids a couple of weeks ago but we really couldn’t count that since we weren’t looking for ‘new’ caches. 🙂

It was such a beautiful day here with the temps reaching to almost 10C degrees that we decided to go to Shubie Park. The trails were pretty much open to the gravel walks. Those that weren’t were melting fast.

It wasn’t only us that thought going to Shubie today was a great idea. There were lots of other people out taking advantage of this great weather. There were parents pushing strollers, dog owners with their dogs, joggers and walkers. We also met a couple of other Geocachers.

The park’s wildlife was out in full force too. The crows were cawing, the chickadees were chirping and the squirrels were taking full advantage, as they always do, of the abundance of free offerings available to them from the park’s visitors.

The Hibernating Cachers Have Woke Up!

There is still a lot of ice on Lake MicMac but like the trails it was melting fast:

The Hibernating Cachers Have Woke Up!

Here, in the middle of the park, you’ll see a fire hydrant. We’re not sure why it’s right ‘there’ but it is:

The Hibernating Cachers Have Woke Up!

Here is a bit of different looking fungi growing on a tree:

The Hibernating Cachers Have Woke Up!

There are remnants of old structures throughout the park, often from buildings that were used during the building of the Shubenacadie Canal. This one is quite a distance from the canal so we’re not sure what it was for:

The Hibernating Cachers Have Woke Up!

A babbling brook, a bridge and a sitting bench made for a nice resting spot:

The Hibernating Cachers Have Woke Up!

The water in the many brooks we so clear and the reflections of the sun made them appear so inviting:

The Hibernating Cachers Have Woke Up!

We have been in the park several times over the winter walking but haven’t been caching here since we did the Lake Charles Trail in July of last year.

We’re sure we’ll get a snowstorm or two before the spring weather is here to stay but we found a couple of caches today, kicking off what we hope to be a great year!

Keep on cachin’!

This post was originally posted on our now defunct website, Geocaching Online

5 replies on “The Hibernating Cachers Have Woke Up!

  • Crazy Cacher

    I totally agree with you about the weather. Although I do not mind caching in the winter, it is always a breath of fresh air to see beautiful weather on its way. Good luck this year!

  • go_man

    Oh, it’s not the weather that bothers us. We spend a lot of time outside this time of year. The problem we find is that looking for something that may be somewhere under a foot of snow is not that enjoyable. Also, following the footprints of someone that has already been there takes the fun out of it.

    Speaking of weather, this is the 2nd Monday/Tuesday in a row that we have received a snowstorm. Last week we received 20cm (8″) and we have 15cm (6″) now and it’s still coming down. It was 14C (58F) on Sunday… 🙂


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