Travel Bugs Released!

Today was a glorious fall day so we decided to take some time off and do a bit of Geocaching. This gave us the chance to release a couple of Travel Bugs we had held captive for the past two weeks.

While we were Geocaching in British Columbia a couple of weeks ago we picked up a couple of Travel Bugs and brought them across the country with us. We were finally able to release them and send them on their way again. Both had a simple goal of seeing the world.

In addition to the ones above we had picked up another Bug while we were in BC that was promoting diabetes awareness and it’s goal is to travel to Ezhou, China. Since we were on the West Coast, much closer to China than the East Coast we decided that instead of bringing it home we would release it in a nearby cache.

One of the ones we did bring home was a GeoCoin that originated in BC and the other was a little stuffed bear by the name of Pepper which originated in New Mexico. We were happy to have been able to have added over 4000kms to their travel log.

We were able to find a third cache today as well. Not a bad day at all…

Keep on cachin’!

This post was originally posted on our now defunct website, Geocaching Online

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