Bread Slicers All Ready For Market!

The bread slicers that we have been working on are now finished and ready for market!

They have been waxed and buffed and the blades have been attached. Let me assure you that they are sharp. In fact they are SCARY sharp, just perfect for cutting homemade bread!

We have been using this type of bread knife for years… and years… and years. Not only do they look pretty neat, but because they are so sharp they work extremely well. You know when you are trying to slice homemade bread just when it comes out of the oven so that you can enjoy that traditional sweet treat of bread and molasses (and butter!) and you end up mangling the loaf? Well, not with this knife! It glides through bread with ease!

The blade stays sharp almost indefinitely too! The knife that we have been using for almost twenty years is still sharp!

These bread knives are made of Red Oak with a 25cm (10″) blade. Overall length is almost 43cm (17″).

Definitely the next thing that’s best to slice bread!

Back to the shop…

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