Cherry Oh!

Cherry Oh! We’re wondering if finding a double cherry will give us some good luck like finding a four-leaf clover or will it double our pleasure? We hope it will be doubly good, though this might be a tall order because we love them so much!

There’s just something about these berries that we can’t stay away from. When they’re really ripe and juicy they’re just like peanuts, we can’t eat just one!

We have other connections with cherries too…

When turning Cherry wood, making a bowl or something, it always makes us hungry, so hungry, because it smells just like cherry pie!

While on a trip to a small town on the outskirts of Sacramento, California several years ago for a world geocaching event we were surprised to see that the trees planted next to the sidewalks were fruiting cherry trees! The sidewalks themselves were heavily stained by the dropping fruit but the fact that the city planted fruit trees was pretty impressive. An option, we guess, when you have hundreds of days a year of warm California sun.

We have been to Boston several times and luckily in the Spring where we were always greeted with the sweet smell and beauty of the pastel pink Cherry blossoms. It makes touring this very walkable city even more enjoyable with their tree lined boulevards stretching for miles.

Likewise, we love seeing nature photos of Japan that show Cherry trees in full bloom, perpetuating peace and tranquility.

Well, all this talk of cherries is making us snacky… time to take a break and have a cherry… or two… or three…

double cherry

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