Geocaching Resolutions Revisited

Last year around this time we made a few resolutions related to Geocaching. Today, New Year’s Day, as the blizzard outside blows into its 19th hour we thought that it would be a great time to review them and see how we fared.

The first thing on the list was that we wanted to introduce more friends and family to Geocaching. Although we talked about Geocaching all the time, telling them about our travels, our exploits and all the great friends we met we couldn’t interest any of them into going out with us. 🙁 It wasn’t that we weren’t being persuasive enough (we tried everything short of kidnapping them!), we believe it had to do with a lack of time on their part. This is unfortunate but we resolve to keep on them!

The second thing on our list was to become more competent with a compass. This is a funny one because we don’t believe we took our compass out all year! We’ll have to revisit this one again. 🙂

Third on last years list was find 120 cache finds. This is one that we did achieve! We think… it’s hard to remember how many we started with. If not it is pretty close. We’ll try to do another 120 this year.

We also had attending more Geocaching functions on our list. This was another one that we achieved. We went to several local functions like Atlantic Geofest 2008, the 8th Anniversary of Geocaching In Canada, several Meet and Greets. We also go to GeoWoodstock VI. It’s unlikely that we’re going to be able to make it to GeoWoodstock this year but we plan on attending a lot of other events!

We didn’t get to hide a cache last year though it was on our mind a lot. We are still looking for that ‘perfect’ spot. We didn’t create an EarthCache either. However, we did release a Travel Bug this year, does this count? 🙂

We didn’t get more involved with our Geocaching club this year either (gee, we’re beginning to see a trend here… LOL!) but we did get out to quite a few functions, participated a bit on the forums and we were able to donate a few event prizes throughout the year. Chalk another one up to add to this years list…

And finally, we vowed to blog more. We believe we achieved this though the past couple of months our posts have waned a bit. This is simply because we have been so busy and not able to get out caching as we wished.

Even though we didn’t get to do all of the things that we planned on doing we did do a lot. In fact, a lot more than we thought we would do. We got to do some caching in California, Virginia and British Columbia. We visited several local trails that we had been trying to get to for years. We met dozens (hundreds?) of new people. We had lots of laughs and have lots of great memories of people, places and things. There’s so many memories but our favorites are of poking the rocks with a hiking stick to scare the rattle snakes away at Folsum Lake Park in California and reaching “The Split” on the Cape Split hike). Both gave much relief, the first for not finding anything and the second for successfully completing (surviving? :)) this trek that we had wanted to do for many years.

So, in retrospect it was a successful year for us, not only in Geocaching but in the rest of our lives too. We’re sure that caching added a lot to that as well. How could it not?

We’ll see what we can do with the carryovers from last year’s list before we add any new items. We promise (We do! We do!) to do better this year…. though with today’s storm it may be a while before we get out again. 🙂

We wish all our Geocaching friends, new, old and those that we have yet to meet, a very Happy New Year!

Keep on caching!

This post was originally posted on our now defunct website, Geocaching Online

4 replies on “Geocaching Resolutions Revisited

  • Bill

    When I sat down and pondered my new years resolutions… I only had 1 related to geocaching which was really more of a social thing and that is to get involved with the local geocaching events.

    Never really thought much about finds and placements and bugs.

    Blogging more is on our list but it isn’t entirely restricted to… We have a couple of others as well so blogging in general made it to my list.

  • P.J.

    Way to make those resolutions! I never make them because I know I’ll never follow and finish them. Ahhh well, worth a try, right?

    Just keep on caching and having a blast. It’s the only way to go!

  • Chris

    A great perspective of your geocaching year! We were fortunate to get our family involved. Helped when we could combine it with something else fun like boating to a cache. That was great fun. You have me thinking though about my geocaching resolutions for this year.

  • tonka_boy

    Making geocaching resolutions never occurred to me. I certainly want to do more of it, but never wanted to quantify it. Seems like all kinds of other fun stuff gets in the way. Maybe this year I could make a goal to combine geocaching with an aerobic workout. Then geocaching would be good for me. That’s a good idea.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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