Hal Taylor Style Rocker Completed!

Well, it’s been a long road to finally completing our first Hal Taylor style rocker! Not a long, hard road. Just a long road since the rocker, or at least the inspiration of it, began many years ago.

It is really hard to say in hours how long it took to make. Although it was started in the Winter of 2010 it was only worked on periodically, when time allowed, when our full attention could be focused on it. There were even a couple of years in there that it was not worked on at all! It was truly a labour of love so the time was never an issue.

The rocker is made of beautiful Cherry with the seat and headrest accented with the lighter, cream coloured sap wood.

Here are some photos:

Hal Taylor Style Rocker
Hal Taylor rocking chair
rocking chair
sam maloof rocking chair
wooden rocker
chair that rocks
hal taylor
cherry rocking chair

This was one of the most, if not THE most, awesome project we have ever done. We can’t wait to start the next one!

To remind you, it was in the Fall of 2008 that an awesome week was spent at Hal Taylor’s Rocking Chair University learning the basics of rockerology.

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2 replies on “Hal Taylor Style Rocker Completed!

  • Pleun Dorsman

    Very nice job. I know that the first chair takes much time making the required jigs and then following Hal’s instructions. It does work faster as you make more chairs. Currently I am on my 5th chair, this time in cherry and birds eye maple. What finish did you use on your chair?


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