Paradise Lost?

Paradise lost? It was torn a bit but it’s still a piece of paradise! Took a trip to the ‘Ravenview Farm Annex’ on Thursday to check on things. We found that loggers working the property behind us had recently used our road as a shortcut, without permission. They made quite a mess of it but with the help of neighbours the road is now in the best shape it has been in years though some areas at the far end are still impassable.

We have always referred this 70 acre piece of paradise on the North Mountain near Margaretsville simply as ‘The Land’. It was bought originally as a place to live and farm but, alas, sometimes life just gets in the way. Over the past 35 years it’s been a great place to get grounded, to dwell on thoughts of what might have been and possibilities to come… and a great source of Maple, Birch and Cherry too!

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