Handmade Harvest Hods

Check out these handmade Harvest Hods! We’re a hopeful bunch, us gardeners… While doing a bit of a clean up in the shop today we came across some Cedar cutoffs from our greenhouse build and we quickly sidetracked into making a couple of them!

Based on the traditional New England clam digger basket, our hods are made with hardware mesh wrapped around them. The mesh allows you to wash and drain your harvested veggies right in the hod!

We made two different sizes, one is approximately 16″ X 8″ X 7.5″ and the other is slightly larger at 16″ X 10″ X 7.5″.

Of course, these harvest hods can be used to carry or store anything, like magazines, flowers and fruit. They can even be used just as a decoration. However, we can’t wait to be filling them up with this year’s bounty of fresh veggies! Until then we’ll likely to use them to carry our small garden tools!

Sure, we know it’s a whole Spring and Summer away but like we said, we’re hopeful… and now we’re ready!

garden hod

Back to the shop… or garden? 🙂

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