Spring Is Coming!

Spring is coming! Down here on the ‘farm’ we judge the coming seasons by the changes in the local flora and fauna. One of our resident hares, Notchear, is beginning to lose his white Winter wear and sport his tan coloured Summer suit indicating that Spring is near!

This little fellow is a Snowshoe hare, so named because of their large hind feet. We call him Notchear because he has a notch on one of his ears.

Hares have been regular visitors to our area but the past couple of years we have seen an increase in their numbers. We figure that there is a family of them living close by, probably in the thickets on the Northeast side of our property. So far they have been no problem, preferring the clover in the yard over our garden goodies. This makes us quite happy since we really do enjoy seeing them around.

Spring is coming!
You can find out more about Snowshoe hares in Nova Scotia here on the Shubanacadie Wildlife Park website and even more info here on Wikipedia.

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