Keep Your Cutting Board Looking Beautiful

Wooden cutting boards see a lot of daily use so require specific care to maintain their beauty and long life. Proper cleaning techniques and regular surface maintenance ensures that these items last a long time, retain their original beauty and, over time, develop a beautiful patina.

Wood differs from other kitchenware materials because it was once a living tree so it is an organic material. It is porous and doesn’t like to be wet. Repeated washing causes the wood to get dry and brittle which can cause excessive wear and possibly cracking.

Keeping your wood cutting board supple with regular maintenance will prolong the life of your board and keep it looking beautiful.

Here are a few tips:

DO rub with oil on a regular basis. We recommend either beeswax or food grade mineral oil or a combination of both. Food grade mineral oil is tasteless and odorless. It does not get sticky and does not become rancid with time. You can get food grade mineral oil at a pharmacy.

DO regularly wipe cutting boards with white vinegar to keep it disinfected.

DO occasionally rub the board with coarse salt, lemon, or baking soda to remove heavy odors. Let the substance stand on the board for 2 to 3 minutes, then wipe off the treated surface. Give it a quick rinse and allow it to dry.

DO wash by hand only

DO rub a wedge of lemon on the wood to help keep it free from bacteria and other germs

Do not soak in water.

Do not put in dishwasher.

Do not put in microwave or oven.

Do not leave in direct sunlight.

Do not bring from hot to cold or cold to hot

Use mineral oil or an oil that is labeled “food safe”. You can get food grade mineral oil at a pharmacy.

Pour a small amount of oil onto a clean, dry cloth or paper towel and rub in evenly with the grain of the board. Let it dry for an hour and then wipe up any excess oil with another dry cloth.

A beeswax and mineral oil combination, like our Treebalm Wooden Ware Care, is ideal because it not only moisturizes your board and lasts longer, it also gives a beautiful smooth sheen when buffed.

Sometimes a wooden cutting board will develop a slight warp. This is usually caused by quickly going from wet to dry. Regularly oiling your board will correct this as well as flipping your board over frequently. If the warp has become severe place some heavy objects on it after oiling to bring it back to flat.

A properly cared for cutting board is a happy cutting board!

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