Maple Celebration Bowl

Here’s a large Maple Celebration bowl featuring a textured band surrounded by forest green rings.

It is 31cm (12″) X 8cm (3.25), perfect for any celebration from a family gathering to a friendly get-together!

The golden grain of the local Maple is accented by the glow of the hand rubbed beeswax finish.

Here’s a photo showing a closeup of the texturing:


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2 replies on “Maple Celebration Bowl“

  • Ned

    I admire very much this and other bowl I see on Ravenview. I am new to bowl turning, and I’ve very interested in learning how you produced the textured surface between the two black bands. Would you please tell me how it’s done? Thank you very much. Ned PS: my wife and I spent two weeks in Nova Scotia last summer; loved it!

    • Ravenview

      Ned, sorry for the delay, somehow missed your post. The texturing is done using a rotary tool with a ball bur attached. Then just ‘doodle’, being careful of the edges. Hope this helps! Next time you’re in in NS you’ll have to pop by! 🙂


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