Martyn Joseph At Point Rock

We spent another awesome evening with singer/songwriter extraordinaire, Martyn Joseph at Point Rock House Concerts in Fall River.

We get more inspired in two hours listening to him than a month of Sundays! If you have never heard him, check him out, especially live – he gives his all!

We first saw him around this same time last year and since then we have been listening to his music religiously. His call to social justice just makes us want to do and be more! 🙂

Over the past year Martyn has succeeded in fulfilling one of his dreams and that is in creating the “Let Yourself Trust which “aims to make a small difference out of great love and commitment by challenging injustice wherever it’s found, educating via advocacy, campaigning for human rights, and raising issues that have been forgotten or ignored via fundraising initiatives, thus bringing about greater awareness for beautiful people in powerless situations.”

Once again, thanks, Martyn, for an awesome evening! And special thanks to Mary at Point Rock Concerts for making it happen!

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