Laura Smith In Concert

We just got home from a delightful evening with Laura Smith at Point Rock Concerts.

We say delightful because we just had to sit back, relax and let Laura take us on an emotional, musical journey through her life, her loves, her thoughts, her dreams. Her website says it best: “In Laura Smith’s music, real emotions ebb and flow. Your heart is in her capable hands, and likewise, she has entrusted you with hers. As she sings, her strong, melodious voice waves and catches, snagging on a scar here and there, surfing on a wonder, staring down a riddle… As you listen, the two of you go along together; brave and surfacing; calm and inquisitive.” Tonight was, to coin a phrase, just what the doctor ordered.

We had never heard Laura play before so this eliminated any expectations or any anticipation for a particular song. She chose songs from all four of her recordings so we were introduced to her music in the best way; live, here, tonight.

Like the other concerts that we have been to at Mary’s it is very intimate. This, we believe, is why we continue to return. The musician’s great performance is truly enhanced by this, making it greater. Tonight was a perfect example. Tonight Laura gave us a little peek inside her soul. We doubt this would have been possible at a larger venue where feedback from the audience is hard to gauge. She would not have felt our openness, our understanding, allowing her to trust us with her heart.

We’ll keep it right here next to ours…

If you would like to find out more about Laura Smith please visit her website.

Laura was perfectly accompanied by Paul Buchanan of Paul Buchanan & Flat Fifth

Thanks Laura, for a wonderful evening and thanks to Mary at Point Rock Concerts for making it possible.

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