Olivewood And Tigerwood Pens

Here’s a couple of pens I turned recently. The one on the left is made of Olivewood and the one on the right is made of Tigerwood.

Olivewood And Tigerwood Pens

The Olivewood was given to me from a friend of mine from the AWA. Apparently the tree came from his father’s property in Ottawa, where at one time there were lots of these trees growing in the neighborhood.

I was speaking with a couple of other woodturners the other day about Tigerwood which led me to find out a bit more about it. Apparently it comes from Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Guatemala and that ‘Tigerwood’ is the commercial name for ‘Muiracatiara’. I like to give these pens to my golfing buddies. Tiger Wood, get it?! 🙂

Here are a couple of more photos:

The Olivewood pen:

Olivewood And Tigerwood Pens

The Tigerwood pen:

Olivewood And Tigerwood Pens

The Tigerwood pen has a couple of wire-burned accents near the bottom and both pens use the European Round Top style of pen kit.

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