Three Segmented Pens

Here are three segmented pens that we made a couple of month’s ago. It had been a while since we made any pens so we thought it was time to do a few special ones.

All three are made with the Sedona style. Each of them feature a different plate finish. One is in Gold Titanium, another in Black Titanium and the other is in Sterling Silver. They are finished with a durable finish and then buffed to a satin glow.

Here’s some photos of the individual pens:

This Gold Titanium rollerball pen is made with Padauk, Maple, Walnut and African Blackwood:

 Padauk, Maple, Walnut and African Blackwood Pen
Wooden Pen

This Black Titanium rollerball pen is made with Purpleheart, Maple and African Blackwood:

Purpleheart Pen
woodturning Pen

This Sterling Silver fountain pen is made with Padauk,Cherry and Walnut:

wooden pen

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