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When our craft pieces are displayed at home it is very seldom that they are shown alone. Usually they are in settings, of at least three pieces. This gave us the idea to occasionally take photos of various collections, especially those that are in a series.

We find that these collections really add impact, sort of like the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Sometimes the photos have also given us ideas for new designs, simply by seeing, or rather not seeing, a shape that would look perfect as an addition to the array.

Viewing these photos gives us a great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, not only because the sheer amount of projects signifies an achievement (just getting to the shop on some days can be a chore! :)) but also because we know it was time well spent.

Here are several more photos showing our collections of craft:

craft collection
wood craft
handmade craft
wood products
turned wood
wood vessels

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  • Woodworker's Guide

    Graham, thanks for the comment. You’re too kind. Anytime that you want to do some more turning just give me a call. 🙂

    Folks, Graham and I had a chance to spend the morning together recently making a pen. You can read about it here. While you’re there signup for his weekly woodworking related newsletter. It’s always filled with some great stuff! Oh, and check out the woodworking books he has written too!

  • Woodworker's Guide

    Paul, thanks so much for your kind, no, very kind, comments. I have considered teaching at some point but I assure you that I still need a LOT of learning of my own yet. Again, thanks for the comments.


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