The Drake

The Chalice of Gate for Mind, also known as The Drake, is a reminder that what one believes is the responsibility of the individual. Each of us has the choice to allow or disallow thoughts and ideas to enter our mind. We hold the key to the gate of our mind. We can lock out what we don’t want or let in what we do want. It is this decision that makes each of us us.

Too often we allow our minds to be manipulated by randomness and flight, controlled without care, even distracted by folly and fear to the point where we forget that we have to think.

Thinking becomes hard and therefore, sometimes we have to be reminded… so take a little sip…

The Chalice of Gate for Mind

“May your days be determined not by the weather and whim
Numbered and symboled, gone with the wind
May your time be tumbled by the good song within
With cause and effect compassed to win

Salute my brothers, salute my sisters
Raise your chalice, a cup of kind
Salute to all the others, yes, all sisters and brothers
So that they may find
This key, the key
That allows, disallows
Through the Gate for Mind!”

Chalice of Gate for Mind
The Drake

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