Floating Box

A simple box floating on a sea of blue…

Mankind is such a fragile species living on an equally fragile world. Floating on an ocean, floating in space. Of water, both. Mystery of the deep.

One and all, we contain things within while being contained ourselves. And oh, how carefully we must carry and be carried about! Careful for sure since we would not want to drop or to be dropped, possibly cracking or have we already? Remember Pandora’s box!

Floating Box is suggestive of this simple analogy. The thought becomes a full circle as one stands on firm ground and picks up the piece becoming a container standing on a container carrying a container containing a container. 🙂

The solid bowl gives the water weight and the seahorse and surprise starfish complete the water based theme, as does the patina of the ‘metal’ box, aged from the waves.

Floating Box

Here’s a closer view of the top of Floating Box, showing the carved seahorse and the patina of the ‘bronze’ box.

This piece was made some time ago and sat on a bench waiting completion. The lid was never quite right and escaped us for almost three years. Surprisingly, after quite a few attempts at different lids we came back to the very first lid we made, but this time with the addition of this adorable little seahorse:

wooden box

Trying hard to camouflage itself within the iridescent coral, this shy starfish creates a little surprise (and blushes a bit) when one looks under the lid:

wood art
woodturning art

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