The PPP’s – Patio Planter Pedestals

In keeping with the past patio furniture theme I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Patio Planter Pedestals, or PPP’s as we call them around here.

These are wooden pedestals that stand at various heights giving a great place to put plants on.

They are simple to make. Use 2X at whatever width you want (8″+ is better) and cut to length. Cut the edges at 45 degrees and nail together. Cut a wider top and bottom and nail them on the ‘box’. You can cut or rout the edges of the top and bottom for different styles. Then decorate the front with smaller pieces of wood.

Here’s a photo showing a couple of more PPP’s with different style fronts:

Here’s a couple of more Patio Planter Pedestals that were made from the 45 degree cutoffs of the other ones. These also have round tops:

These pedestals were all made out of scrap lumber that my son used to bring home from construction jobs he was working on. Like the garden benches and the garden birdhouse I made quite of few of these Patio Planter Pedestals for friends and family while I had the steady stream of free lumber. Now, those were the days! 🙂

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