Wonderful World Of Whirly-Twirlies

Let’s kick off the weekend a bit early with some eye boggling fun! Check out these cool, colourful Whirly-Twirlies that we made! And why make just one when you can make six?!

Here’s how it happened, the white one with the red trim on the right has been in the family for years, coming to us when Mom moved in with us several years ago. It hung off a tree beyond our dining room window and we would watch it spin everyday. We found it so mesmerizing we could watch forever! In the last two years it has broke two or three times, the last time just a few weeks ago. Figuring that it couldn’t be repaired again we decided to make a replacement. Since we had wanted to make another one anyway this was the incentive we needed. Well, once we got started and found how easy they were to make we just couldn’t stop!

They were fun to make and fun to paint all different colours (though the painting took longer to do than to actually make them!). We were also able to repair the old one and with a fresh coat of paint it looks as good as new!

Here are a few closeup photos of them:

Garden Spinner
Wind Spinners
Wind Dancer

Here’s a photo of the old, original whirl before it was repaired and painted:

Old Whirl

Also known as wind spinners and whirlygigs these Whirly-Twirlies really add to our patio and garden!

They may not be woodturning, but they are definitely wood turning! 🙂

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2 replies on “Wonderful World Of Whirly-Twirlies“

  • Jeff

    I saw your beautiful whirl’s.guess who I am,im the one who while living in key West florida began making the first whirly’s in this country.The idea originates from Costa Rica. I brought one home but they were made completely different. So I just thought i would enlighten you a bit today. Yes I still make them.

    • Ravenview

      Great story! Thanks for sharing! How long ago was it when you made your first one? Love to see the ones you are making! Thanks!


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