It’s Picklin’ Time!

Yes, indeed! It’s picklin’ time!

We just finished making a batch of bread and butter pickles and a batch of sweet mustard relish. While we were at it we also made a batch of just sweet mustard – mmm,mmm, good!

This is always a great time of year, when the garden starts to come on full tilt and you can’t keep up with it. It all works out, what you can’t eat fresh you can it to enjoy it later. There’s nothing quite like opening a jar of your own food in the middle of winter!

Speaking of bread and butter pickles, do you know why they are called that? It is assumed it is because people used to make sandwiches using pickles during the Great Depression. They were cheap and in abundance. Think about it, we eat cucumber sandwiches so why not eat cucumbers that have been pickled? 🙂

Back to the garden…

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