Woodworking Tips And Tidbits – 03/23/08

1. Round the edges of the back of your bandsaw blade to increase the allowable radius of a cut. This makes the cutting easier too.

2. To keep panels from bowing under clamp pressure while gluing, clamp lengths of angle aluminum on each end with the two opened edges on the wood (like an upside down ‘V’). Clamp the angle pieces just firmly enough to hold things in place. Then tighten the pipe clamps. Unlike iron or steel, aluminum won’t leave black marks where it contacts squeezed-out glue. Also, unlike a wooden cleat, it won’t become glued to the panel.

3. Don’t grab your wood from a tool like the table or band saw until you can count the teeth on the blade.

4. Do you need a quick zero clearance insert for your table, band or scroll saw? Use masking tape. It won’t last long but just may get you through a small project.

5. It is best not to wipe off the wet glue after clamping, as it will spread the glue around and make finishing difficult. However, if it is a water based glue, it should be removed before it is cured. The moisture of the glue raises the grain a little and when it hardens the moisture is trapped. Then later, when the glue is removed, the wood shrinks and a glue line becomes perceptible. If you use a scraper or chisel when the glue skims over it will come off in nice strips. Washing the glue off with a wet cloth works but you must be careful to get all off or it will be everywhere.

These are a few woodworking tips and tidbits that we picked up (and/or wrote down) over the past week. They come from a variety of sources including magazines, newsletters, online and personal experience.

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