A Few More Wine Stoppers

I was able to find some time to make a few more wine stoppers recently. This is one of the nice things about doing these little projects. There is very little setup and they don’t require much time to turn. They’re a great project if you only have an hour here or an hour there.

Handcrafted Wine Stoppers

Something else I like about making these is that you get to work with some different woods without it costing a lot of money. When the wood is polished up and attached to the silver base they make for an elegant looking product.

Here’s a few closeups of these stoppers, starting with one made of Pau Rosa, one made of Maple and one made of Cocobolo:

Wooden Wine Stoppers

Here’s another made of Pau Rosa, one made of Shedua and one made of Cherry:

Handmade Wine Stoppers

Here’s one made of Jatoba, one made of Purpleheart and one made of English Walnut:

Wine Stoppers made of wood

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