A Textured Cherry Vessel I

Here’s a textured Cherry vessel, the first of three, that we turned recently. It is 7 inches tall and approximately 5 1/2 inches in diameter at its widest point.

It has been textured with a ‘swirl’ burn and also colored a bit with stain. Then it was finished with tung oil and buffed to a warm glow.

Here are a couple of more photos:

A Textured Cherry Vessel I
A Textured Cherry Vessel I

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3 replies on “A Textured Cherry Vessel I

  • Ed Pretty

    Hi Ted,

    Love the branding. Graeme Priddle showed us his approach at the symposium. I like what it does to your piece. Looks like you have a handle on it for sure. Pretty sure I’m going to add that to my box if tricks.

  • Woodworker's Guide

    Thanks, guys!

    Dan, it’s done with pyrography using a brand that was made into a swirl.

    Ed, yep, it opens up a lot of texturing opportunities. Try it, you`ll like it.

    All the branding that I have been doing lately has been done with a unit I`m calling the `Priddle Vaporizer 1000`, based on Graeme Priddle`s design. I`ll have a post regarding coming up soon.


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