And Even More Wine Stoppers

Oh no, I’m not done yet, here’s even more wine stoppers! Again, these were made for the past Christmas season.

This time there are 16 stoppers and in quite a colorful array of woods.

Wooden Wine Stoppers

There’s stoppers made of Pau Rosa, Yellowheart, Zebrawood, Thuya burl, Purpleheart, Red Palm, Pauduk, Jatoba and even one made of Walnut Birch.

Here’s some closeup photos of these wine stoppers:

From left to right here’s stoppers made of Zebrawood, Pauduk, Purpleheart, Yellowheart (Pau Amarillo) and Pau Rosa:

Handcrafted Wine Stoppers

Here’s stoppers made of Zebrawood, Jatoba, Walnut Birch, Pau Rosa and Red Palm:

Handmade Wine Stoppers

And finally here’s a Pau Rosa, Pauduk, Red Palm, another Pau Rosa and a Thuya burl stopper:

Wine Stoppers

Back to the shop…

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