More Wine Stoppers

Here’s a collect of sixteen more wine stoppers that I did recently. Again, Again, most of them were done with the popular flame style.

Wine Stoppers for gifts

They were done in a variety of woods including Zebrawood, Red Palm, Thuya, English Walnut, Cocobolo, Pau Rosa, Cherry Burl and Maple.

Here’s some closeup photos showing the different stoppers. This photo shows a Zebrawood, an English Walnut, a Cherry burl and a Red Palm stopper:

Wooden Wine Stoppers

This photo shows a Cocobolo, another Red Palm, another Zebrawood and a Pau Rosa stopper:

Woodturning Wine Stoppers

This photo shows a stopper of unknown wood (I believe some type of Mahogany), another Cocobolo, another Pau Rosa and another Zebrawood stopper:

Wood Wine Stoppers

This photo shows a Thuya, another Zebrawood, a Maple and another Zebrawood stopper:

Wine Stoppers made of wood

As you can tell, these are becoming quite addictive. 🙂

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