Putting The Magic Into Christmas

After racking my brain for weeks trying to think of something to make for the Atlantic Woodworkers Christmas Toy Drive the idea to make some magic wands popped into my head. I was trying to think of something for kids that were a bit older and with the big interest in the Harry Potter series over the past few years this certainly filled the bill.

Putting The Magic Into Christmas

The wands are made of Ash, approximately 15″ long and the handles are dyed with purple, blue and turquoise leather stain. Several coats of wipe-on poly were applied and then buffed with some carnauba wax.

I wire-burned some accent rings which helped to keep the stain, which is quite runny, into it’s particular section of the handles. Here are some closeups:

cast a spell
Magic wands
Putting The Magic Into Christmas
make a magic wand

I also attached a card to each of the wands with gold cord telling the prospective owner the power that the wand possesses.

The Wand of Maginar
This Wand of Maginer has been enchanted with the Elements of Fairy Dust, tweaked with a Grain of Raven Beak. It’s Power is based in Imagination and Invention. Please use carefully.

make magic wands

The Wand of Trudge-On
This Wand of Trudge-On has been enchanted with the Elements of Mountain Wind, blended with a Waft of Meadow Nectar. It’s Power is based in Persistence and Perseverance. Please use carefully.

Wooden wand

The Wand of Na-Turia
This Wand of Naturia has been enchanted with the Elements of Tower Leaf, toasted with the Pith of Wild Oaken Root. It’s Power is based in Wonderment and Interest. Please use carefully.

magic stick

The Wand of Frender
This Wand of Frender has been enchanted with the Elements of Oren Alloy, mixed with the Principles of Positivity. It’s Power is based in Goodwill and Trust. Please use carefully.

enchanted wands

This was a fun project and I hope that the children that receive these will have as much fun playing with them.

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4 replies on “Putting The Magic Into Christmas“

  • Maureen Simpson


    What marvelous gifts you’ve made. No doubt the kids who recieve them will thoroughly enjoy. The messages really add to the wands. Nice work!

    Thanks for supporting the kids and hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

    By the way, who are you? I never know who submits the work – perhaps I’m overlooking something??????


  • Ian Scott

    Very nice – those wands look very much like a couple of spurtles I’ve done recently …;-)
    Looks like the dye worked well.

    The Toy Drive sounds like a very worthwhile event. Can non-AW people get involved ? Perhaps some of the NWG would like to participate next year too .. just a thought.

    Maureen: Yup, you’re overlooking something but I’m not going to give away the mystery blogger’s identity ..:-)

  • Woodworker's Guide

    Ian, yep, spurtles and wands are similar, except that the wands are made from magic wood, only found in the deepest forest on a moonlit night. The sprinkle of Pixie dust makes a difference too. 😉

    Yes, it’s a worthwhile event and a fun one too! Perhaps the NWG could start their own? I believe it would be another great addition to the year’s events… though we would also have to have a social aspect to go along with it… 😉

    “Mystery Blogger”… cool! I like it! 🙂


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