An Incredible Plate Day – Plate 2

This second plate that I turned on my Incredible Plate Day is one that, because of it’s shape, I refer to as a pie plate. It too is just over 7″ in diameter and 1″ high plus it comes complete with worm holes!

The opportunity that I have with all these blanks is to be able to play around a bit with different shapes. I am limited, of course, only by thickness. It’s also a great change to practice and hone my skills easily and inexpensively.

An Incredible Plate Day - Plate 2

The lid is a bit less than a 1/4″ and the sloped side is less than that. The bottom is flat, again, like a pie plate. It is finished with the Beall Buff System.

Here are couple of more views:

This is the bottom of the plate. Fairly flat with just enough of an indent to sit properly:

An Incredible Plate Day - Plate 2

Here’s a view showing the sloped side and the edge of the lid:

An Incredible Plate Day - Plate 2

Now you know why I call it a pie plate! 🙂

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