An Incredible Plate Day – Plate 3

This third plate in my Incredible Plate Day series was one that was done for shear fun. It’s a very ‘plain jane’ piece, about 7″ round like the others but it is a lot thinner. Although I didn’t get it as thin as I wanted I noticed that after it was finished that light shines through the very bottom! A couple of more passes with the scraper would have like punched it out.

An Incredible Plate Day - Plate 3

This plate also had a few wormholes and it was finished with the Beall Buff System.

The top of the plate is not as thin as the bottom. It developed a flutter when I was doing the outside edge. It seemed like this was caused by the predominant grain variation of the Ash. I’ll have to try it again sometime. 🙂

Here’s a photo showing a side view:

An Incredible Plate Day - Plate 3

Here’s a photo showing the bottom:

An Incredible Plate Day - Plate 3

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