Made of Cherry burl from the Hants County area of Nova Scotia, Canada this natural edged piece that we call Ar-dor exemplifies the unusual, accelerated growth pattern of this abnormal phenomenon.

It was inspired by The Fiery Furnace, a confusing maze of narrow red stone canyons and rock formations created by sandstone fins, located in Arches National Park, Utah, USA, which I was planning a trip to while creating this piece. In fact, I should be there right now as you read this. 🙂

Since Ar-dor reflects both literally and figuratively the wild movement of flame and ember, the notion of fire as well as a Phoenix rising from it plays a large part in the symbolism of this piece. A good friend was having ‘one of those days’ but when she saw this finished piece she said that all her troubles immediately dissolved. She said that it lifted her spirits every time she looked at it. Likewise, we were reminded of the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from the Book of Daniel who were saved by divine intervention from the Babylonian execution of being burned alive in a fiery furnace.

The pedestal, stained a complementing colour, was not only necessary to elevate the piece but also to give it a torch-like effect when viewed from afar.

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