Ash Hollow Form With Pauduk Flute

Now here is an interesting item. It’s a small Ash hollow form with Pauduk flute. It is about 5 inches tall, 3 1/2 inches in diameter at its widest and an 1 1/2 inches at its base. The Pauduk flute is 1 1/2″ tall.

The interesting thing about this project is that it may look a bit familiar. 🙂 We originally made the flute for another project but when the size ended up being incorrect we thought we’d save it for another project. As we were trying it on other pieces we have around our home, just to get some ideas for future projects, We tried it on a small Ash form that we made last fall and it fit perfect! We couldn’t have planned it any better, if we tried. Really. 😉

Here are a few more photos:

Ash Vase
Wooden vase
Ash  and Pauduk vase

It’s cool how things sometime work out. 🙂

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