Caching Hemlock Ravine

We spent another great fall afternoon Geocaching at a local park. This time we chose Hemlock Ravine Park, so aptly name because of the abundance of hemlock trees and a ravine. We haven’t been here in years and we were thrilled to have Geocaching give us the opportunity to return.

The historical significance that surrounds this park is that this 197-acre wilderness was originally the home to John Wentworth, Nova Scotia’s lieutenant governor in the 1780s. In 1794, he lent his home to England’s Prince Edward who landscaped the grounds, including adding a heart-shaped pond. This pond is named “Julie’s Pond”, after his companion Julie St. Laurent.

The park has a network of five trails which pass many brooks, small ponds and the ravine. What we liked most about this park is that it is very ‘woodsy’. Although it is in the middle of a very populated area once inside you get the feeling that you are in a much larger area of woods. The towering hemlock trees really added to this feeling, as did the young white-tail deer we saw.

We found four caches and a half caches on this outing. One of the caches was a multi and unfortunately time did not allows us to find the second half. This just gives us another reason to return…

Keep on cachin’!

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