A Plate Of Curly Ash

Here is a plate that I turned out of a piece of Curly Ash. It was a real treat to see the curl appear as it was turned. This was doubled by the fact that I had never heard of curling in Ash. Here you can see the curl running across the lower bowl of the plate:

A Plate Of Curly Ash

The plate measures 7″ diameter and it is about 3/4″ tall with an 1/8″ rim. It was finished with EEE Cream and Shellawax.

This was the first plate that I turned and I’m quite pleased with it.

Here are some photos of different views:

A top view:

A Plate Of Curly Ash

A view of the bottom:

A Plate Of Curly Ash

And a side view:

A Plate Of Curly Ash

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