Hollow Vessel With Burned Arrows

Here’s a hollow vessel that I recently finished that sports some burned arrow-like embellishments. The vessel is made out of Maple and is about 5 1/2″ tall, 3 1/2″ at it’s widest and 2 1/2″ at it’s base. It was finished with the Beall Buff System.

Hollow Vessel With Burned Arrows

The burned rings were done using wire on the lathe and the ‘arrows’ were made freehand using a skew-shaped tip on my burner.

Although I’m not completely satisfied with the freehand burning of the long sides of the arrows I am happy with it for this first exercise. It will take a bit more practice to ensure an even burn. Also, I believe a thicker tip will eliminate my attempts to make a thicker, darker line. Doing so gave rise to some irregularities.

Here’s a closer look at the pyrography:

Hollow Vessel With Burned Arrows

And here’s a top-down view:

Hollow Vessel With Burned Arrows

I find that the combination of the pyrography and the wood is a natural pairing. Although it may seem that wood and fire comes from either end of the spectrum I believe that they complement each other, symbiotic in a way. I also like how the pyrography gives a Native art aspect to the wood. I hope to do more like this.

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