A Maple Vessel With A Little Secret Fun

Here’s a small vessel that I finally finished last week. I say ‘finally’ because I started it in the early summer and it has been just sitting on the bench all this time waiting for a lid. I guess I should have said that I ‘finally’ finished the lid.

A Maple Vessel With A Little Secret Fun

It is made of Maple with a Walnut lid and finial. With the finial it sits in at 8″ tall. Without the finial it is 3″ tall. By my calculations that would make the finial 5″ tall. 🙂 It is also 5″ in diameter.

I was very pleased with the final result. It’s a shape that I find very pleasing. I have also added a little secret fun to the vessel too! 🙂

Here’s a few more photos showing different aspects of the vessel. This one shows the inside of the bowl:

Maple and Walnut Vessel

This one shows the bottom of the lid:

woodturning vessel maple

And here’s another shot from the top:

Handcrafted bowl

It is certainly nice to have this vessel completed. There were so many times that I looked at it, trying to decide what style of lid that I thought would best suit it.

Oh, the little secret fun? Well, here, have a look for yourself (Sorry for the picture quality but this is my first foray into video. 😉 ):

Since the bowl waited so long to have a lid I thought that I would make something a bit special, so I made a spin top lid! LOL!

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  • rab

    As a beginning turner, I find your work inspiring. As time and energy permit, I fully intend to steal your ideas. I would be a proud man if, some day, I could get anywhere near the quality of your craftsmanship. Love your stuff. I enjoy seeing your creations and I’m sure the recipients consider themselves blessed!


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