It’s Tool Time At The AWA!

It’s tool time at the AWA! With a couple of members bringing in their latest projects and a great introduction to a bunch of new tools, this month’s meeting of the Atlantic Woodworkers Association was a great way to start the year off right! The meeting was held in our home base, a local Home Depot.

Our guest speaker was our own AWA member Graham McCulloch who brought in and reviewed about a dozen new tools for us. Tools included a variety of hammers, a Milwaukee 12-volt drill/driver, a Milwaukee reciprocating saw, the Dremel Multi-Max multi-purpose tool, the A-Line-It Deluxe alignment system, Dremel’s 75th Anniversary Motor Tool Kit, the DeWalt DC608 18v cordless Brad Nailer and the Norton Multi-Oilstone.

Graham has over 60 years experience as a woodworker and has written four top selling books on woodworking including the recently released, “The Woodworker’s Illustrated Encyclopedia“. He has had feature articles in Canadian Woodworking and Canadian Contractor magazines and you can find some of his shop tips in the Family Handyman magazine. As well, Graham writes a weekly online article called Short Cuts where he reviews new tools and books. (Sign up for his newsletter, it’s an invaluable resource!)

This was a great presentation with Graham giving us his experienced, and professional, insight into these tools. He focused on what features and benefits each tool offered, or what it didn’t offer, to the home woodworker. Thanks, Graham!

For Show and Tell a couple of members brought in some examples of their fine woodworking. Here are a couple of photos:

Here are two beautiful serving trays. The one on the left is Maple and Walnut and the one on the right is Olivewood and Padauk:

Here is a small table with a turned pedestal:

A member also brought in a couple of samples of PlyBoo, a plywood made from Bamboo. Another member brought in a set of winding sticks which were a beauty to behold. We also had a short question and answer session.

The meeting finished up a bit earlier than usual which gave us a chance to mingle, chat and to get a closer view of all those great tools and projects!

As I said earlier, it was a great way to start off the year!

Back to the shop…

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