The AWA Gets All Sketched Up!

The first meeting for the Atlantic Woodworkers Association’s 2010-2011 season kicked off with a great presentation from member Mike Bielby on the basics of Sketchup, the popular 3D sketching software.

Mike uses the program quite extensively and therefore he is quite familiar with it, and it showed. He took us on an excellent tour through the program, showing us a variety of features, by creating a table and a chair.

While creating these items he explained the extensive menu bar. Each component was quickly created with the push/pull feature and accurately measured to plan. The table even had tapered legs and the chair had an arced back and styled seat!

Using these real-life examples it became clear to us the simplicity of using Sketchup in our woodworking design and why it could be a valuable tool in the workshop. Thanks Mike, excellent presentation!

There was also a silent auction held for a variety of tools. These tools were owned by the AWA and used for the Children’s Workshop that was held each year in conjunction with the Halifax Woodshow, which, unfortunately, is no more. The tools included 5 Ryobi scroll saws, 3 Ryobi bench-top belt sanders, 1 Ryobi 10″ drill press, 3 Ryobi disk sanders, 1 Rigid bench-top oscillating sander and 1 Craftsman scroll saw.

An update was given on the duck box project where it was noted that there are more boxes to be made and that several Scout troops were being contacted to create a project plan.

The Club President presented us with a possible new project. He had been contacted by the recreation staff of the Camp Hill Hospital with a request for members interested in volunteering in their woodworking shop. The workshop has been sitting idle since the passing of their previous volunteer.

Apparently this was the highlight of a lot of the veteran’s week and something that the hospital fully supports. Projects can be made in the volunteer’s home shops or onsite, which is preferred as then the veterans can watch, and the assembly and finishing will be done by the veterans. Certainly a worthwhile project and more info will be available later.

This was a great start to the season. There were 24 members in attendance including one new member.

Back to the shop…

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