Bunk Bed Building At Bayside Camp

I mentioned in a couple of past posts that the Atlantic Woodworkers Association were planning on a bunk bed building project with Bayside Camp as a part of our community volunteer efforts. Well, we did it!

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Starting back in May and up until a few weeks ago members of the AWA met on periodic Saturdays and occasionally throughout the week to build the 60 bunk bed sets (that’s 120 beds!) that were required for the Camp.

Although there were the usual construction related ups and down (wood not delivered on time, etc.) the building of the bunks was a sight to behold! At times there were 15 of us, separated in smaller groups, with some cutting, some on routering, some on leg assembly and some on bed base assembly.

When we got the production line going we really ‘kicked butt’! At one point, while doing the final assembly we timed ourselves and found we were assembling one bunk every six minutes! This was, of course, was after all the wood had been cut to size and with the legs put together, all the parts handy and six of us… Still, it was a feat that we were quite proud of! πŸ™‚

Here are photos of some of the members who helped with the build:

AWA members
AWA woodworkers
Atlanic woodworkers
Atlantic Canada woodworkers
Woodworking in Atlantic Canada
Members of Atlantic Woodworkers Association
Happy woodworkers

Measure twice, cut once… and then cut again πŸ™‚ :

Measure twice cut once

Again, this was only some of the members.

The 100 acre Bayside Camp is located on Third Pond Lake in Sambro Head, about 30 minutes or so outside of Halifax. It is a non-profit ministry of the Baptist Churches of the Halifax region with a vision to reach out to the youth of the region. Here’s a few photos of the almost completed camps:

Bayside Camp in Nova Scotia
Baptist Church camps
Kids camp at Bayside
Summer camp for kids

Here’s some of the bunk parts:

Bunk Bed Building At Bayside Camp
Bunk Bed Building At Bayside Cam
Pine bunk beds

And here’s a few of the completed bunks:

Wooden bunk beds
Camp cots and bunks

In addition to being such a worthwhile project to get behind it was also a lot of fun. It gave us, the members of the AWA, the opportunity to work together, get to know each other better and to have a few laughs, and laugh we did. As you can imagine, there was no shortage of barbs being tossed around. πŸ™‚ It was all in good fun. (Oh, the stories we will tell…)

Although it was a fun project it was also a big project which took a lot of time and dedication from the AWA members, and many sleepless nights too for some πŸ™‚ .

Kudos to all involved! The kids all thank you!

Back to the shop…

You can find more AWA meeting related articles here if you are interested

10 replies on β€œBunk Bed Building At Bayside Campβ€œ

  • geoff Cremasco

    This is an awesome project and great to see so many getting together for such a great cause. Congratulations. I wish I was there to help. I am only a beginner at this hobby but the experience wouyld have been one to remember. Six minutes per assembly – pretty good guys. We should do something like that here in Sydney….I’ll start hunting around.
    Thanks for the article, very inspiring.

  • Nisaac Roasrio

    I was really blessed seeing what was done at this camp. Had a question is it possible to get or buy plans for theses beds. We have a camp in Illinois for inner city kids to get out of the city and experience God. Great Work God Bless

    Pastor Nisaac Rosario

  • Dave Bowen

    I am with Campers on Mission working at Jay Bird Springs Ministry, a christian conferance center. We need to build about 20 bunk beds. Can you email a set plans for the bunk beds you built. The pictures look like just what we need here. I see no reason to reinvent the wheel.
    Dave Bowen

  • Mary Robinson

    Yes – please share. I was telling our board that I wanted to do something like this – can we also have the plans. Also – I am wondering about groups in the Northwest that might like to help our camp with a project like this!!

    Mary Robinson

  • Woodworker's Guide

    Mary, I have also passed your request on to our crew chief who will be in touch with you directly. Take care.


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