Sharpening – Man Or Machine?

Sharpening – man or machine? The Atlantic Woodworker’s Association meeting tonight was held at our ‘club house’, a local Home Depot and the theme was sharpening techniques.

One of the members demonstrated the Work Sharp 3000. It was nice to see this in action after seeing the announcement last month of this new tool. Several members brought in tools for sharpening which gave a wide array of samples, from plane blades to carving chisels. The Work Sharp performed well on all of them giving a quick and easy sharpening. Very impressive!

Another member spoke on hand sharpening and the trials and tribulations of such. There was also discussion on various sharpening and honing options.

I was hoping to see a sharpening competition between man and machine but it was not to be. 🙂

As always, it was a great meeting. It’s nice to meet others from time to time that share a similar interest in woodworking.

Back to the shop…

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