Woodworking Tips And Tidbits – 01/20/08

This issue of Woodworking Tips and Tidbits includes tips on scrollsawing patterns, measuring wheels accurately, a cure for swelling biscuits, ladder safety and another use for candle wax! Read on:

1. You can make reusable patterns for scrollsawing by using plastic stencil material that you get from a sewing supplies store. Cut a piece of this material the size of your project and glue it to the piece using a spray adhesive. Then glue your paper pattern to the top of the stencil material with the adhesive. Next, cut out the pattern with your scrollsaw and peel off the paper pattern and stencil material. The next time just place the stencil pattern on your wood and trace around it.

2. Rub the sides of your rolls of painter’s tape with candle wax to ensure that the edges don’t stick to your project.

3. To measure the true height of caster wheels clamp it in your workbench vise and then just measure the distance between the jaws.

4. If your plate-jointer biscuits have swollen due to moisture simply pop them in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds just before using them. This will shrink them back to their compressed size.

5. To ensure that a ladder is at a safe angle check it by placing your toes against the ladder rails and stretching out your arms so they are parallel to the ground. If your palms can rest on top of a rung, the ladder is at a safe angle.

These are a few woodworking tips and tidbits that we picked up (and/or wrote down) over the past week. They come from a variety of sources including magazines, newsletters, online and personal experience.

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Got a woodworking tip that you want to share with the woodworking world? Let us know and we’ll add it in a future issue of Tips and Tidbits!

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